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Larsen A. Ibara

  1. Larsen A. Ibara
Larsen A. Ibara

Primary Relationship Manager

Larsen A. Ibara

Throughout my life, I’ve always been passionate about helping others and sharing knowledge. I truly believe knowledge is power, but only if you share it. After graduating in 2008 with my BA in Business Management, I continued my management career in Hawaii’s restaurant industry while also helping in the family trade business before finally finding my true calling in the financial services industry. I have personally seen and experienced what bad financial decisions and lack of planning can do to individuals, families and businesses.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with and helped many individuals and families build their financial foundation. Growing up in Hawaii has taught me the importance of “Ohana” and not just my immediate family, but everyone I’ve spent time with and developed personal and professional relationships with. My mission for my clients is to educate and arm them with as much information as possible, so that they can make smarter financial decisions. My value to my clients is being that go-to resource for any financial questions, concerns or ideas they may have. I work with a very experienced and trust worthy team of professionals who think on the same level and share the same vision of what financial planning and customer service should be like.

I look beyond your financial needs and understand that financial freedom is the result of discipline, hard work and smart, informed decision-making. I am a member of the Hawaii Japanese Chamber of Commerce and the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals. I always enjoy meeting new people, beach BBQs, playing golf and experiencing everything once!

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